About TTA

TTA is a Dutch enterprise, founded in 1996. Since the start of the company, TTA has been focusing on the production of equipment for handling and selecting young living plants.

TTA developed and expanded merely thanks to client requests for more or new machinery. TTA offers its clients a wide range of equipment, suiting the needs of professional growers.  

TTA strongly believes that quality and control are of the utmost importance. Therefore, the entire development, software, production, installation, sales and service are available in-house.

Our experienced sales team is dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ wishes. The main goal of this partnership is to find the most suitable equipment. Reducing production costs and increasing efficiency are key.

‘Handle with care’ is TTA’s slogan when it comes down to young plants. We are proud to say that the majority of globally produced plants is handled by TTA equipment.

The TTA team is ready to serve you!


TTA strongly dedicates to equipment innovation, flexibility and commitment to service. Because of this, TTA has built a solid reputation among our clients worldwide.

By understanding our clients and their needs, we can design and produce equipment for handling and selecting young plants that meet our clients’ wishes and exceed their demands.

Our commitment to our clients never changes; they are the driving force behind our equipment design, improvements and our ever-increasing product portfolio.


At TTA, we understand that when our clients are faced with a heavy workload, having the best equipment is vital.

Since the start of TTA, our equipment has been at the forefront of the market and we are known for our game-changing innovations. Nonetheless, we do not take anything for granted. We continuously invest in R&D and innovation, and forge ahead to deliver the smartest equipment and services for the horticulture industry.

Our drive is to improve our equipment constantly, look for better solutions and customize where needed to ensure we deliver the best option for any project.


TTA operates with a team of motivated and enthusiastic employees who do not accept anything less than perfection.  

At TTA, we have an open atmosphere where we encourage our employees to cooperate with each other and take responsibility.

As our employees are most value to us, we offer possibilities for education and career development. Besides that, we invite our employees for a good workout in our in-house gym.

It makes us proud that we can count on many employees who have been with us for years.