Mobile Blow Out

The Mobile Blow Out (MBO) provides nurseries the ability to take the unit into the greenhouse. The MBO identifies and extract the missing plants in order to prepare the trays for manual fixing. The production speed is up to 600 trays per hour.

Operators 1
Capacity 600 trays
CombiFix I

The CombiFix I is a repair machine which corrects youngplant trays to 100%. The CombiFix I is a one-frame machine which selects the incoming trays on the optical appearance of each individual plant with our in-house developed imaging system.

Operators 1
Capacity 8.000 - 12.000 plugs
CombiFix II

The CombiFix II is the sucessor of the most succesful gapping and correction machine for youngplant trays ever. The CombiFix II is the best and fastest gapping machine worldwide.

Operators 1
Capacity 12.000 - 20.000 plugs