Given the bespoke quality, it makes sence to use TTA equipment as building blocks for a complete production line. Upon a careful investigation of our customers needs, TTA can develop and produce a production line which incorporates all required production steps. This results in a reliable high speed line which can be operated by less staff. On this webpage you will find a few examples of projects we supplied worldwide.
Packing line for trees

A selection and packing line for tree young plants.

Transplanting line for grow-blocks

A complete processing line for depiling and transplanting of grow blocks.

Template transplanting line

A high speed template transplanting line for various dimensions of packs and pots. Complete with automatic loading on table trolleys.

Pot transplanting, placing & spacing line

A complete automation for transplanting, placing and spacing of individual pots.

Transplanting line for packs

Automatic depiling, filling and selective transplanting.