Drill unit

A comprehensive solution for drilling and dibbling.

Operators -
Capacity 700 trays

A high-speed lineair-moving picking and placing robot.

Operators -
Capacity 1.000 - 10.000 pots

TLF table and trolley loading system for flats/trays.

Operators -
Capacity 800 trays

An automatic application machine for handles on bedding plant packs.

Operators -
Capacity 4.000 handles
Sticking line

The sticking line comprises a double conveyor system with stop positions for individual trays and corresponding work positions.

Operators varies
Capacity varies

A high-speed destacker for bedding packs.

Operators -
Capacity 4.000 packs
Watering line

A high-quality conveyor system in a stainless-steel drip bin.

Operators -
Capacity -

A high-quality fully automatic grading line for pots.

Operators -
Capacity 3.000 pots

A high-speed template filler with a minimum of recirculation substrate.

Operators 0 - 1
Capacity upto 30.000 pots per hour