We offer forestry nurseries custom automation solutions for the production of trees.

TTA’s main focus within forestry is to transplant young trees from a mini plug tray into the final size plug tray. Transplanting offers forestry nurseries several advantages like production efficiency (more production on less greenhouse space), less heating costs and 100% deliverable plants.

TTA develops and produces complete transplanting lines, customized to our customers needs, with or without our imaging systems. 

The TTA FlexSorter Heavy Duty offers the possibility to grade the plants into a maximum of four sizes. In some cases this is used to make the trays 100% before the treatment process.

Besides our transplanting and grading solutions we offer several packing solutions depending on the shipping methods; shipment in plug trays, shipment in plastic / cardboard boxes or wrapped in a wooden box.

MidiFlat View
FlexPlanter View
MidiVision View
Drill unit View
Sticking line View
Watering line View
Packing line for trees View
FlexSorter View