Pot plants

Optimization of the greenhouse space and the logistic processes are incredibly important for pot plant nurseries. 

At TTA we understand the importance of this. Therefore we take this continuously in consideration while developing new equipment. 

TTA offers pot plant nurseries transplanting lines for the transplanting of plugs into pots, with or without our imaging systems.

We can also provide our customers with the TTA MultiColor line which is dedicated to produce pots with mixed plants.

With the LINR, our high speed lineair moving picking and placing robot, we offer a complete shipping solution into containers, trays and trolleys. The LINR is driven by servo drives which results in versatility and speed.

MidiPot View
MidiCurve View
FlexPlanter View
Drill unit View
Watering line View
PotSorter View
Template transplanting line View
Pot transplanting, placing & spacing line View