PackPlanter wireless

The PackPlanter wireless was developed as a continuation of the success story of the PackPlanter. Offering even more flexibility because of the individual driven plant grippers. The PackPlanter wireless is a high-tech transplanter and very suitable for nurseries who are looking for maximum speed and flexibility.


Speed, simplicity and quality have been leading keywords during development. The PackPlanter wireless offers an easy-to-understand user interface with inbuilt self-diagnosis. The simplicity in design allows for a complete tray change-over in less than 5 minutes. Plant grippers can be changed in seconds. An optional infeed belt buffers donor trays prior to transplanting. The PackPlanter wireless is able to transplant into trays, packs or pots in shuttle trays.


Capacity ph
  10.000 - 60.000 plugs
Plug diameter
  9 - 30 mm
Air consumption
  20 ltr. / min
Machine weight
  800 kg
PackPlanter wireless movies
PackPlanter - Kwekerij Baas
PackPlanter - Lovania Nurseries
PackPlanter Wireless - Metrolina Greenhouses
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